Previous ICC Chairmen

 The chairman holds the highest office in ICC. Etienne Clémentel, a former French minister, was first to hold the position.

Under Mr Clementel's leadership, ICC's international secretariat was established in Paris in 1919. He was also instrumental in creating the ICC International Court of Arbitration in 1923.

Since then, ICC has had 50 chairmen representing 20 nationalities.

Harol McGraw III
United States, 2013-2016

Gerard Worms
France, 2011-2013

Rajat Gupta
India, 2010-2011

Victor K Fung
Hong Kong, 2008-2010

Marcus Wallenberg
Sweden, 2005-2008

Yong Sung Park
Korea, 2004-2005

Jean-Rene Fourtou
France, 2002-2004

Richard D. McCormick
United States, 2001-2002

Adnan W. Kassar
Lebanon, 1999-2000

Hemut O. Maucher
Switzerland, 1997-1998

Rahmi M. Kos
Turkey, 1995-1996

Hari Shanker Singhania
India, 1993-1994

Joseph E. Connor
United States, 1991-1992

Peter Wallenberg
Sweden, 1989-1990

Theophilo de Azeredo Santos
Brazil, 1987-1988

Frans Van Den Hoven
Netherlands, 1985 1986

Francois Ceyrac
France, 1983-1984

Philipp Schoeller
Austria, 1982

Mohamed Aly Rangoonwala
Pakistan 1981

Sir Reay Geddes
United Kingdom 1980

Mohsen Lak
Iran, 1979

Ian MacGregor
United States, 1978

Rolf Stodter
Germany, 1977

John Gale Crean
Canada, 1975-1976

Renato Lombardi
Italy, 1973-1975

Baron Hottinguer
France, 1971-1973

Bharat Ram
India, 1969-1971

Arthur K. Watson
United States, 1967-1969

Marcus Wallenberg
Sweden, 1965 - 1967

Sir Lincoln Steel
United Kingdom, 1963-1965

Hans C. Boden
Germany, 1961-1963

Carlos Mantero
Portugal, 1959-1961

Edmond Giscard d'Estaing
France, 1957-1959

Warren Lee Pierson
United States, 1955-1957

Camille Gutt
Belgium, 1953-1955

Rolf Von Heidenstam
Sweden, 1951-1953

Philip D. Reed
United States, 1949-1951

Sir Arthur Guiness
United Kingdom, 1947-1949

Winthrop W Aldrich
United States, 1944- 1947

J. Sigfrid Edstrom
Sweden, 1939-1944

Thomas J. Watson
United States, 1937-1939

F.H. Fentener van Vlissinger
Netherlands, 1933-1937

Abraham Frowein
Germany, 1932-1933

Franz von Mendelssohn
Germany, 1931-1932

Georges Theunis
Belgium, 1929-1931

Alberto Pirelli
Italy, 1927-1929

Sir Alan Anderson
United Kingdom

Walter Leaf
United Kingdom, 1925-1926

Willis H Booth
United States, 1923-1925

Etienne Clementel
France, 1920-1923