Previous ICC Secretary Generals

The ICC Secretary General is appointed by the World Council upon recommendation of the Executive Board. He administers the affairs of ICC and implements its policy within the framework defined by the Executive Board.

The Secretary General is, in particular, responsible for the implementation of the strategic and policy decisions taken by the Executive Board and the programme of action. He is also charged with developing and maintaining strong working relations with international organisations, both governmental and non-governmental, as well as with National Committees.

Previous ICC Secretary Generals
1919-1933Edouard Dolléans
1933-1957Pierre Vasseur
1957-1973Walter Hill
1973-1982Carl-Henrik Winqwist
1982-1989Hans König
1989-1990J. Hugh Faulkner
1990-1996Jean-Charles Rouher
1996-2005Maria Livanos Cattaui
2005-2009Guy Sebban
2009-2010Jean Rozwadowski
2011-2014Jean-Guy Carrier