ICC International Centre for ADR

The ICC International Centre for ADR (“Centre”) is the administrative body that oversees the application of the Rules relating to mediation, experts, dispute boards and DOCDEX.

The ICC International Centre for ADR ("the Centre") is a separate entity from the ICC Court of Arbitration and its Secretariat, which exclusively manages ICC Arbitration proceedings.

The Centre works with parties to establish a holistic dispute resolution solution that meets the parties' specific interests. Parties may choose to resolve their dispute by selecting one of the available dispute resolution methods or may customize the procedure by combining various dispute resolution techniques. On 1 January 2014, the ICC Mediation Rules entered into force and replaced the ICC ADR Rules.

In addition, the Centre is the organizer of the annual ICC Mediation Week which takes place every year in February in Paris, France. ICC's Mediation Week encompasses ICC's biggest educational event, the ICC International Commercial Mediation Competition as well as the in-house counsel-focused International Mediation Conference.

Since the establishment of the DOCDEX system, the ICC International Centre for ADR has been appointing documentary credits and demand guarantee experts from a list established and maintained by the Banking Commission. Nominations for inclusion on this list are the responsibility of national committees through the Banking Commission.