Secretariat of the Court

The Court’s Secretariat comprises a permanent staff of more than 80 lawyers and support personnel.

Headed by a Secretary General, it assists the Court in performing its functions as well as performing numerous functions of its own in accordance with the Rules and the Court’s practices.

The Secretariat is divided into nine case-management teams, each dealing principally with cases relating to certain regions or language groups. Seven of the teams are based in Paris, the eighth in Hong Kong and the ninth in New York. Each team is led by a Counsel, and comprises two or three deputy counsel plus administrative assistants.

In deciding which team to allocate a new arbitration to, the Secretary General considers such factors as the parties' nationalities, the place of arbitration, the languages and laws involved, and any other relevant factors. Based on that assessment, the Secretary General allocates the case to the most suitable team. The assigned team then becomes the principal point of contact for all players involved in the arbitration. The team assists the parties, counsel and arbitrators in applying the Rules and briefs the Court on its decisions.

ICC arbitration and ADR marketing activities are supported by marketing officers covering the Americas, Asia and the Pacific, Eastern Mediterranean, the Middle East and Africa.

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