Past events

ICC Institute - past events 

Please find below a list of past conferences related to international law and arbitration organized by the ICC Institute of World Business Law. (Mainly ICC institute Annual Meetings)

Simply click on the Event's title to access the programme.

The proceedings of each annual meeting are compiled and published in the Dossiers of the Institute

Class & Group Actions in Arbitration
30 November 2015, Paris
Addressing Issues of Corruption in Commercial and Investment Arbitration
24 November 2014, Paris
Jurisdictional choices in times of trouble
23 May 2014, Paris
International Arbitration and Substantive Applicable Law
5 December 2013, Paris
Third party funding in international arbitration
26 November 2012, Paris
Economic sanctions in the global economy
25 June 2012, Paris
Players' interaction in international arbitration
28 November 2011, Paris
Is arbitration only as good as the arbitrator?
6 December 2010, Paris
Multiparty Arbitration
8 December 2009, Paris
Written Evidence and Discovery in International Arbitration: New Issues and Tendencies
24 November 2008, Paris
Interest, Auxiliary and Alternative Remedies in International Arbitration
26 November 2007, Paris
Experts in International Arbitration
27 November 2006, Paris
Evaluation of damages in international arbitration
28 November 2005, Paris
Parallel state and arbitral procedures in international arbitration
15 November 2004, Paris
Arbitration and Oral Evidence
1 December 2003, Paris
Arbitration - Money laundering, corruption and fraud
25 November 2002, Paris
New Trends in the International Business
19 November 2001, Paris
Investment Protection
28 March 2000, Paris
Investment Protection
23 November 1999, Paris