How we work

Members of the Banking Commission are chosen by ICC national committees who select members from their countries to serve first on their local Banking Committee and then to represent the national committee at the plenary commission meetings. These meetings are generally held twice a year.


How does the commission run?

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The officers of the commission are appointed by the ICC Secretary General and generally serve for a three-year renewable term.

Members do not serve on the commission for specific periods of time, but remain as long as their national committee wishes them to serve.

The basic work of the commission is done by members and a number of task forces, working groups and drafting groups. For example, regarding the production or revision of rules, a drafting group produces initial drafts of a set of rules which are then sent to ICC national committees for comments, suggestions and amendments. These are considered by the commission as a whole, and revised drafts are produced until a final version is reached. This process ensures that the rules are indeed global and represent international practices as national committees and members worldwide are involved in their elaboration from start to finish. Finally, the rules or documents are approved and sent to the ICC Council for formal adoption.

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