Task Force on Jurisdiction and Applicable Law

Chair of Task Force - Fabio Bortolotti (Buffa, Bortolotti & Mathis - Italy)

What do we do?

The objective of the Task Force is to update the business community and lawyers dealing with international trade about recent development in the field of private international law. It was felt that there was a genuine need for a set of principles that could be used when it was desirable to avoid a particular national law.

Lex Mercatoria

In 2010, the Task force on Jurisdiction and Applicable Law created a smaller working group within its auspices, focusing on the concept of Lex Mercatoria. Lex Mercatoria continues to be an area that creates confusion amongst many companies and practicioners, who are unclear on how it can be used in the practical way and what its concrete advantages and limitations are.

The Working Group has prepared an informational paper, Developing Neutral Legal Standards for International Contracts .


Model Contracts and Clauses

The ICC Commission on Commercial Law and Practice (CLP) develops ICC model contracts and ICC model clauses which give parties a neutral framework for their contractual relationships. These contracts... Read more

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