Former Task Forces

The following task forces have already completed their mandates.

Task Force on Jurisdiction and Applicable Law in Electronic Commerce

This task force worked together with experts from the ICC Commission on Commercial Law and Practice (CLP) to respond to key global and regional legal initiatives affecting electronic commerce. Particular consideration was given to the critical jurisdiction and applicable law issues raised by the cross-border nature of online trade.

Joint Task Force on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) on the Internet

This task force developed an analysis of Intellectual Property Rights on the Internet with participation from experts from the ICC Commission on Intellectual Property. No ICC position was taken on this issue.

Task Force on Telecoms Policy

This task force formulated the stance of global business telecommunications users, operators, and service providers on issues relating to regulatory affairs and competition in the provision of electronic communications services. It also provided input to the World Trade Organization (WTO) member governments and the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), among others.

Task Force on Internet and IT Services

This task force responded to Internet governance issues stemming from the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), and to other issues related to the technical management of the Internet.

Former Task Force on Consumer Policy for E-Business

This task force articulated business interests in international and regional policy initiatives related to consumer policy for businesses working through the Internet and information and communication technologies (ICTs). It worked to increase consumer confidence in doing business over the Internet by promoting self-regulatory mechanisms and analysing impediments to trans-border B2C e-commerce, among other goals.

Former Joint Task Force on Electronic Contracting

This task force served as a key business resource partner for the United Nations Conference on International Trade Law (UNCITRAL) Working Group IV on Electronic Commerce, particularly in its work on electronic contracting. It also provided input to the European Commission on an EU Contract Law proposal from the perspective of business via the Internet and ICTs.

Special Advisory Group on E-related Issues

This Special Advisory Group was set up in 2002 to advise ICC’s Secretary General on cross-cutting issues related to the Internet and ICTs.

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