Business Action for Energy


The Business Action for Energy (BAE) was a network of global businesses. It aimed to deliver business perspectives on energy policy and management throughout the United Nations Commission for Sustainable Development (UNCSD) process.

Business Action for Energy

Founded by theInternational Chamber of Commerce (ICC),World Business Council for Sustainable Development ( WBCSD )andWorld Energy Council ( WEC ), the BAE comprised industry groups from diverse sectors and regions.

The BAE sought to:

  • Coordinate the delivery of international business views, positions, and recommendations on energy issues
  • Ease the sharing of information among industrial groups
  • Communicate the depth and variety of business involvement in energy-related activities

Business priorities at UNCSD

For the BAE, business was central to the delivery of sustainable energy, which was made possible through the creation of partnerships.

However, business also required the support of public policy if it is to fully deploy its technology, innovation and investment to address energy challenges. To this end it has laid out five key priorities for action during the UNCSD process:

  • Improve energy access and meet growing demand by increasing energy supply and promoting energy efficiency;
  • Improve policy frameworks that enable investment and advancement;
  • Invest in and finance sustainable development;
  • Commit research and development to technological innovation;
  • Forge partnerships.

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