Business Actions for Water

Sustainable water management is widely considered as a foundation to ensuring economic growth, employment, social development, environmental sustainability and political stability.

Business Actions for Water

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Organized as a network of international businesses representing several sectors and regions, the Business Action for Water (BAW) supports the role of business and industry in working towards this goal.
Indeed, as users of water resources, providers of water-related technology equipment and services, and as a driving force for economic development, many of BAW's members have considerable expertise and knowledge in bringing solutions to water issues worldwide.

Coordinating an international position

The group’s primary aim is to facilitate business input into national and international negotiations on water resource management.

BAW works towards these goals by coordinating the delivery of international business positions, achievements, activities and partnerships on water issues. Such issues include the effect of population growth, land-use changes, climate change and pollution on water resources.

Since its creation in 2004 ahead of the 13th session of the UN Commission on Sustainable Development (UNCSD), BAW has represented business at numerous summits, including the 2009 5th World Water Forum in Istanbul and the 2012 6th World Water Forum in Marseille.

By being an active participant in the UNCSD process, the Business Action for Water believes the business community can help shape a better and sustainable future for all.

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