Green Economy

The term green economy has been ascribed diverse and varying definitions as it has gained greater currency in popular and political debates. For business, the term effectively describes an economy in which economic growth and environmental responsibility work together in a mutually reinforcing fashion.

The private sector will be at the forefront of delivering the economically viable products, processes, technologies, services, and solutions required in the transition toward a green economy.

As such, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) in 2010 established a Green Economy Task Force, supporting the leading role that our members are taking in this transition.

The aim of the task force is to help business and industry understand the practical possibilities of a green economy, as well as the opportunities and impacts for sectors across global supply chains.

The task force also seeks to:

  • Express global business views on sustainable development and the green economy to key inter-governmental processes and national governments
  • Develop practical tools to help business and governments work towards green economy and share best practices

Comprising over 100 members from a variety of sectors, the task force works across the full range of ICC policy commissions and in consultation with ICC's global network in more than 120 countries.

While global in scope, the task force acknowledges that the actions needed to transition towards a green economy may vary from sector to sector and region to region.