Why join the commission?

Intellectual property rights are used in most industries and IP policy has an impact on many sectors, ranging from copyright and technology-based industries, to sectors for which brands and designs are key, and many other industries which focus on innovation and creativity.


ICC provides business input into the international legal and policy framework of intellectual property law, which will be translated into national law with a direct impact on the operating environment for business.

Advantages for IP Commission members

• Access to cutting-edge information on IP developments at international level, as well as at national and regional level, through reports and exchanges with fellow members

• Participating in international meetings and the work of international organizations

• Leading and contributing to international policy development under ICC's name

• Meeting and learning from experiences of different sectors/organizations

• Intellectual exchange with high level experts from different countries with diverse expertise

• Networking with professional colleagues

• Being part of a prestigious group of well-known high level executives and lawyers

To join the commission, you have to be a member of ICC. To find out how to join ICC, see the Membership page.

Contact Daphne Yong-d'Hervé, ICC Chief Intellectual Property Officer, at dye@iccwbo.org for more information on the commission.


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