Working Group on Digital Media

The Working Group on Digital Media developed the proposals for dealing with digital interactive media, and set the first global standard for online behavioural advertising (OBA). 

Chair: Douglas Miller, Vice President and Global Privacy Leader, AOL Inc., USA

The Working Group on Digital Media develops ICC policy perspectives and tools for business on policy issues that arise from rapidly growing and evolving marketing practices using digital interactive media. Experts are drawn from ICC's Marketing and Advertising Commission as well as members of the ICC Digital Economy Commission's Task Force on Privacy and Protection of Personal Data.

The group developed the ICC Resource Guide for Self-Regulation of Online Behavioural Advertising (OBA) to help markets seeking to implement the OBA Framework published in Chapter D of the Consolidated ICC Code. This guide provides a checklist for effective implementation of the rules into national or regional contexts and stands as a tool for businesses, self-regulators and regulatory authorities by providing suggestions on how these principles could be effectively implemented through self-regulation. By evaluating experiences from current OBA programmes, the guide explains the issues raised by OBA and the provisions set by the new ICC Code.

To view the ICC Resource Guide for Self-Regulation of Online Behavioural Advertising (OBA), or for more information, please visit

The group is currently working on understanding the key issues for mobile marketing and how the current Code applies and what further help ICC can offer business and self-regulators to ensure consumer trust is maintained while growth opportunities, particularly in markets with soaring mobile expansion. ICC has been approached for guidance on mobile privacy issues, particularly with an eye to assisting developing world policymakers. The Working Group has taken this project under its wing to help develop a suitable resource to offer pertinent guidance on mobile advertising issues.

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