Working Group on Sustainability

The ICC Working Group on Sustainability was tasked with examining current ICC guidance in relation to sustainability and environmental claims.

Chair: Sheila Millar, Partner, Keller and Heckman, USA

In 2010 the group produced the ICC Framework for Responsible Environmental Marketing Communications. The Framework was input via BIAC to the OECD consumer policy committee and used by some governments as a reference when updating their national environmental claims guidance. It has since been updated, together with the Environmental Claims chapter in the Consolidated ICC Code for Advertising and Communication Practice, to reflect changes in the international policy perspectives and industry.

The Framework provides general principles governing all marketing communications, detailed interpretation of the environmental claims chapter of the general code, and a checklist to help stakeholders evaluate claims. Targeted at regulators, marketers and their agencies, the Framework is aimed at providing advertising industry stakeholders support in developing and analyzing such claims.

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