How does it work?

The commission examines major policy issues of interest to world business.

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Facilitates cross-border trade and investment

The Commission on Trade and Investment Policy examines issues that will facilitate cross-border trade and investment by business to sustain the economic recovery, job creation and sustainable development.

Over 180 members from more than 42 countries

The commission is comprised of over 180 members from more than 42 countries. Senior trade policy experts from the staff of intergovernmental organizations such as the WTO and the OECD are frequently invited to address commission meetings. The Commission meets twice a year, once between September and November, and a second time between March and May. Meetings usually last a full day and normally take place at ICC International Headquarters in Paris but can also be held in other locations.


Each national committee (NC) or group may appoint delegates to represent it at meetings. Officers of the Commission are appointed by the Chairman and Secretary General in consultation with NCs.

2012 ICC Guidelines for International Investment

“This 2012 revision represents the efforts of business experts from the ICC Commission on Trade and Investment Policy who undertook a comprehensive review of the 1972 Guidelines. In particular, the... Read more

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