What do we do?


To promote cross-border trade and investment by business and an open global economy to foster job creation, sustainable development, and improve living standards.

Projects for 2016

  • Elaborate policy positions to shape the ICC World Trade Agenda, and G20 and Business 20 deliberations on trade and investment, by contributing to the development of a robust 21st Century global trade and investment policy agenda.
  • Foster progress towards a high-standard multilateral framework for international investment; as well as towards enabling regulatory frameworks for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), including investment in infrastructure, as a vehicle for advancing the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG's).
  • Develop policy positions on mega-regional agreements negotiations and their potential impact on the multilateral trading system.
  • Support plurilateral approaches to liberalize trade in environmental goods and trade in services.
  • Advocate in favour of effective provisions for arbitration and "Investor-State Dispute Settlement" in coordination with the ICC Commission on Arbitration and ADR.

Documents related to trade and investment policy work

2012 ICC Guidelines for International Investment

“This 2012 revision represents the efforts of business experts from the ICC Commission on Trade and Investment Policy who undertook a comprehensive review of the 1972 Guidelines. In particular, the... Read more

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