ICC Roundtable on Competition and Innovation Policy

21 May 2011, The Hague

This year's roundtable gathered senior officials from various competition agencies, private sector experts, and high-level academics from different regions to have a unique and genuine dialogue on consumer welfare, particularly from the angle of innovation policy.

Intended to foster an open exchange among participants, the roundtable focused on the role of competition policy in supporting innovation and economic growth and looked into the implications which unilateral conduct could have on innovation and consumer welfare.


Speakers biographies


  • Paul Lugard , Former Head of Antitrust Philips and Assistant Professor of Law at Tilburg Institute of Law and Economics (TILEC)
  • Seonghoon Jeon , Non-Standing Commissioner for the Korea Fair Trade Commission
  • Eduardo Perez Motta , Chairman of the Federal Commission on Competition, Mexico
  • Eleanor Fox , Walter J. Derenberg Professor of Trade Regulation, New York University School of Law
  • Fernando M. Furlan , Chairman of the Competition and Antitrust Council (CADE), Brazil

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