Business and the G20

The business community has long been very active in working through the G20 process to fight corruption.

Please see the documents below for more information.

Business and the G20 in the news

  • B20 Letter to President Calderon

    6 June 2012 "The business community would like to acknowledge your unfailing support in the fight against corruption and to express sincere appreciation for the excellent example you display to other Heads of State."

  • Los Cabos B20 Recommendations

    6 June 2012 "These action plans provide the basis for a new

    global growth agenda in that they propose a set of structural improvements to economies that would have the combined effect of increasing both the quantity (rate) and quality (inclusiveness and resilience) of global economic growth."

  • Revised ICC rules boost G20 efforts to curtail corruption

    17 October 2011 The timely release of the revised ICC Rules

    on Combating Corruption ahead of B20 and G20 meetings, scheduled to take place in Cannes, France in November, aims to address the undermining effects of corruption on international trade and the rule of law.

  • ICC and private sector tools in line with G20 and OECD anti-corruption aims

    27 April 2011 Press release: Business and the G20
    "ICC and private sector tools in line with G20 and OECD anti-corruption aims"

Business and the G20 policy statements

  • ICC G20 Advisory on Fighting corruption

    5 July 2011 This statement provides an analysis of the effect corruption has on business, it recognizes current efforts against corruption and provides reccomendations for future action.

  • G20 Seoul Summit Anti-Corruption Action Plan

    1 November 2010 This document proposes an Agenda for Action on Combating Corruption, Promoting Market Integrity, and Supporting a Clean Business Environment for the G20

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