Internet and Telecommunications

Through the Commission on the Digital Economy's diverse membership of information and communications users, operators, and content and service providers ICC forms business recommendations on issues relating to regulatory affairs, general telecommunications, communications infrastructure and policy while seeking to ensure trade liberalization for IT services in order to promote innovation, investment, and entrepreneurship, particularly in developing countries. The Commission on the Digital Economy advocates for multi-stakeholder formats and policy development which are essential to avoid unintended consequences of rules, keep regulatory intervention to a proportionate level and protect consumers´ rights and competition in agile and dynamic markets.

Our key messages

• Government and business should work in partnership to ensure regulation neither creates unnecessary burdens nor unintended consequences that could impair the economic growth and societal benefit technology and new business models can provide

• Given the benefits of increased trade for society, governments should refrain from imposing unnecessary restrictions on Internet content

• Self-regulatory tools embrace the evolving and dynamic nature of the Internet, respond rapidly to market and consumer concerns and result in lower costs for industry and tax payers

Global reach

Organizations and forums where ICC Commission on the Digital Economy actively shares business input include:

• Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) The Commission actively encourages a strong industry presence at ICANN to ensure the experience and interests of global business are heard and incorporated into decisions that directly impact any company that invests in and relies on the Internet.

• Asia Pacific and Economic Cooperation (APEC) The Commission promotes a refreshed understanding of policy goals and market place facts, to ensure as much competition, investment and innovation across the information and communications technology sector as possible.

Policy positions

ICC has a range of policy position papers on issues such broadband spectrum and deployment, adverse effects of discriminatory taxes on telecommunications services and digital convergence.

Access ICC policy positions on Internet and telecommunications issues here

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