ICC Water Policy

With a potential global water crisis looming, the ICC is working to help businesses find solutions for the sustainable management of this most important resource.

Water Policy

Sustainability of water resources is a key issue for economic growth, employment, social development, environmental sustainability and political stability.

However, today at local, regional and national levels, water resources are being seriously threatened by population growth, land use changes, climate change and pollution. As such, the world is facing the very real prospect of suffering a global water crisis.

Business has an important role to play not only because business is a water user, but also because it is a provider of water-related technology and innovation, as well as a developer of local economies.

Underscoring business support for water

ICC is highlighting the contribution of business towards alleviating the global water crisis at national and international levels.

One initiative in this regard has been to launch the Business Action for Water. This comprehensive network of businesses drawn from many sectors and regions around the world, aims to facilitate business input into national and international dialogue on water issues, and to present business as a positive agent to achieve goals, commitments and activities.

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