Advocacy: Outreach

BARMA engages in global outreach partnering to build greater understanding of how self-regulation can prove most effective.

Since the first International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Marketing and Advertising Code was created in 1937, it has served as the foundation and building block for self-regulatory structures around the world. The ICC Code provides ethical guidelines and principles, and is regularly reviewed to ensure that it reflects new issues and developments in technology, marketing practices, and changing public sensitivities. With each new revision, ICC works with National Committees and association partners around the world to promote the Code.

In September 2011, ICC launched its 9th revision of the Consolidated ICC Code of Advertising and Marketing Communication Practice (ICC Code). In conjunction with the release of the latest code was the unveiling of the new website, which houses resources for advertising agencies, educators, marketers and regulators. Launching the Code around the world and promoting its implementation provides ICC members and partners with a platform to: 1) promote awareness around self-regulation and emphasize ethical best practices; 2) present a framework for self-regulation in markets where it doesn’t currently exist; and 3) strengthen industry and government support where self-regulation is weak or in development.

The BARMA initiative supports ICC’s effort to promote the Code at local industry events and national committee seminars around the world. Since September 2011 launch related events were held in over 10 countries, and more events will follow.

Please contact us or your National Committee if you are interested in partnership opportunities / hosting an event to help promote the ICC Code.

In a rapidly-changing world, we welcome the ICC’s initiative to establish new global standards for digital communications. The revised Code offers hands-on guidance for marketing professionals worldwide how to approach customers with responsible advertising on- and offline
Chief Marketing Officer Axel Springer AG