BARMA seeks to: educate and train, encourage adoption and implementation, and play a role in self-regulation.

BARMA seeks to:

  • Educate and train the marketing and advertising industry: BARMA raises awareness and adherence to the ICC Code, the importance of ethical practices.
  • Encourage adoption and implementation: BARMA improves understanding among industry professionals, policymakers and educators not only on the benefits of self-regulation, but also the importance of maintaining consumer trust and high standards of ethical marketing practices.
  • Play a major role in self-regulation: BARMA serves as a catalyst for further development of self-regulation in key international markets.

In a rapidly-changing world, we welcome the ICC’s initiative to establish new global standards for digital communications. The revised Code offers hands-on guidance for marketing professionals worldwide how to approach customers with responsible advertising on- and offline
Chief Marketing Officer Axel Springer AG