CEO Group

The Global Leadership Group (GLG) creates an opportunity for member CEOs and other top executives to exchange views and priorities that directly impact the strategic direction of the BASCAP initiative.

Global Leadership Group members

Steven A. Ballmer, Microsoft (US)

Paul Bulcke, Nestlé (Switzerland)

Steve Burke, NBC Universal (US)

Louis C. Camilleri, Philip Morris International (Switzerland)

John T. Chambers, Cisco Systems (US)

Maureen Chiquet, Chanel (France/US)

José Luis Duran, Lacoste (France)

Nicandro Durante, British American Tobacco (UK)

Lucian Grainge, Universal Music (US)

Pierre de Labouchere, Japan Tobacco (Switzerland)

Robert A. McDonald, Procter & Gamble (US)

Paul Polman, Unilever (UK)

Ian C. Read, Pfizer (US)

Paul S. Walsh, Diageo (UK)

Meg Whitman, Hewlett Packard (US)

Global Leadership Group Action (GLG)

BASCAP provides a platform for CEOs and other top executives to join forces addressing global audiences and communicating directly with national governments, ministers and IGO officials, by means of personal meetings, letters and the international media.

Executives join BASCAP to emphasize that the protection of intellectual property rights is a social and economic imperative. Their involvement is critical to building awareness, strengthening messages to the media, adding weight to interventions with intergovernmental organizations and amplifying messages to national governments.

The GLG meets periodically to:

  • Evaluate the progress and priorities of BASCAP and provide direction for ongoing strategies and activities
  • Convey messages that highlight the essential role of intellectual property (IP) as a driver of innovation and economic growth and the need to maintain private sector and government investments to protect IP and stop counterfeiting and piracy.

GLG Annual Meetings

Annual meetings of the GLG have convened in:

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