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BASCAP was created to help companies strengthen their capabilities to deal with the counterfeiting and piracy of products or brands.

Full membership benefits include:

  • Leverage. Participation in this unique coalition of companies working across sectors, enables members to combine their own experiences with those of other BASCAP members. The result is a comprehensive and compelling case to governments that the problem is not only bigger and more critical than any one company or sector’s corporate losses but also more damaging to economic growth than may be currently understood.

  • Pooling resources. BASCAP provides members with a vehicle to pool funding and create a greater critical mass of resources to press governments for more effective intellectual property (IP) enforcement.

  • Member-driven agenda. BASCAP exists to serve the objectives of its members. The strategies and programmes undertaken by BASCAP are developed with the input and approval of member companies through their direct participation in the Steering Committee and the Global Leadership Group. Only those projects that support and leverage member company objectives in a particular region, country, forum or subject area are pursued.

  • ICC umbrella. BASCAP is an initiative of the International Chamber of Commerce, the recognized voice of global business. This provides BASCAP members with immediate recognition by government and NGO leaders. It also opens access to intergovernmental organizations, including UN forums via ICC’s unique consultative status with UN agencies. Members can also tap into the resources and connections of ICC’s broad network of national committees and groups in over 90 countries who provide powerful on-the-ground resources for reaching and influencing national and local policymakers. Finally, the connection to ICC allows BASCAP to leverage the reach of the ICC Communications Department and its wide-ranging network of global media contacts.

  • Action at the highest levels. BASCAP creates an opportunity for member CEOs and top executives to exchange views and priorities with other CEOs and directly impact the strategic direction of the initiative. BASCAP also provides a platform for CEOs to join together to address global audiences and communicate directly with national government ministers and IGO officials through personal meetings, letters or via the media.

  • Steering Committee. Each member company is represented on the BASCAP Steering Committee, providing an ideal opportunity to directly: participate in cross-sector, global business engagement to collectively tackle counterfeiting and piracy; contribute company-specific guidance, expertise and experience; exchange views and best practices with other senior corporate executives engaged in the protection of intellectual property rights; shape international business policy and messages to national government leaders, UN agencies, the public and the media; develop tools, intelligence, policy and products to leverage company-specific work; and demonstrate global leadership in communicating the critical value of intellectual property in economic and social development.

  • Corporate responsibility. Companies that join BASCAP do so to emphasize that the protection of intellectual property rights is a social and economic imperative. They are committed to the belief that the erosion of such protection, through the illegal practices of counterfeiting and piracy, is debilitating to all companies that invest in intellectual capital – not just their own.

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