AIPPI's Mission:

The Association is a politically neutral non-profit organisation and has over 8500 members in more than 100 countries. The membership consists of intellectual property lawyers, patent attorneys, intellectual property owners, academics and others interested in IP. The objective of AIPPI is to improve and promote the protection of intellectual property and to achieve harmonisation of the respective legislation on a regional and international basis, whilst providing leadership in the IP community and education in a wide range of IP matters. AIPPI has been active in the field of intellectual property for well over a century and has gained a profound knowledge and valuable experience on a wide scale over this extended period of time. Its members are amongst the foremost practitioners in the field.

AIPPI pursues its objectives by continuously monitoring legal, economic and political developments in today’s inter-dependent regions around the world. Topics of predominating interest in the field of IP and of vital importance to society are studied in detail by specially assigned and internationally membered working groups. On the basis of those studies resolutions containing proposals for the development of the law and IP systems on a regional and international level are adopted, which are subsequently submitted to national and international governmental bodies and legislators for implementation. AIPPI is networking closely with all significant government and non-government bodies in this field.

Successful economies in today’s world are knowledge based and globally active. The growth of economies is vital if society is to meet the world’s future needs and requirements in regard to nationally and regionally different levels of development. Counterfeiting and Piracy impair the dynamic of innovation and lead to corruption and economical disasters. Both counterfeiting and piracy now, unfortunately, play a significant role in the global economy and in international trade and the exchange of know-how and transfer of intellectual property and technology. This ‘black economy’ calls for a global view at the systems for the protection of intellectual property rights. AIPPI supports the combatting of counterfeiting and piracy. The related issues are reflected in the studies of its various committees. AIPPI offers a permanent forum inn which interested circles can exchange their views, ideas and proposals with the goal of improving IP systems worldwide.

International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI)

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