ANGARDI mission

  1. Study and improve the Brazilian intellectual property legislation
  2. Improve Law enforcement;
  3. Organize and implement training session for Judges, Public Prosecutors, Police Officers, Customs Agents, Experts of the Federal and State Criminal Institutes;
  4. Seek for cooperation of the Brazilian Authorities and provide them with the necessary assistance in order to fight against piracy in Brazil;
  5. Coordinate, along with governmental agencies, public campaigns evidencing to the consumers the harms caused by piracy activities;
  6. Provide governmental agencies and other related agencies with researches and suggestions aiming the development of an effective and continuous anti-piracy program;
  7. Organize, coordinate and participate in events, seminaries and lectures to discuss intellectual property matters.

Associação Nacional para Garantia dos Direitos Intelectuais (ANGARDI)

Tel: 55-11-5081-9545

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