EMCA's Mission:

EMCA Italy partners are strongly committed in promoting and organizing educational initiatives and awareness events targeted to pupils of middle schools, their teachers and parents.

EMCA Italy partners are the promoters of the Italian awareness campaign “Rispettiamo la Creatività” (Respect Creativity) aiming at making young people aware about the importance of intellectual property rights, by explaining them the core goal of copyright laws as an important foundation for promoting and defending artistic creativity.

Through the use and development of texts, quizzes and games targeted to young people “Rispettiamo la Creatività” is designed to illustrate to 9 –14 year-olds and their teachers the value of music and of IPR in our lives and society and to help them to understand how these issues affect their own future as citizen of the digital world.

The campaign provides teachers with an educational KIT including a set of cross-curricular classroom activities and games divided into thematic units that provide a variety of ways to involve students in the different topics addressed, such as the professions and jobs of the music industry, the role of music in our lives and society, the meaning and aim of copyright and neighbouring rights, and the social, economical and cultural consequences of illegal acts. The success of the initiative is mostly due to the fact that the campaign is not meant to make reference to the legal consequence of any illegal behaviour but to explain the cultural and social damages of piracy, starting from the fact that it deprives all people involved in the music production and creation of their livelihood.

In addition, EMCA Italy partners are directly committed in organizing several educational initiatives in the schools or during fairs and events dedicated to young people. Among the others, the most successful initiative is the MusicaQuiz, a quiz game based on a fictional story that explains, by using a simple and fun language and animated slides, the value of music and the importance of the protection of the creative activity in all its forms.

“Rispettiamo la Creatività” also aims to monitor and verify its efficacy and impact towards pupils, teachers and families through evaluation questionnaires and interviews.

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