FNCP mission

Among FNCP associates, there are representants of the following sectors: books, products for cleaning, fuel, perfums, cosmetics, software, audiovisual, music, electronic devices, computers, printing supplies, glasses, cigarettes, electronic commerce, cable TV, magnetic means, electric conductors, safety products, pharmaceutical products, beverages and toys.

FNCP acts in several fronts, among them the educational area stands out by the promotion of conscientization actions, either from the population as well as from the governors e public authorities comprehending trainings, speeches and lectures about the theme, involving the executive, legislative and judiciary Branches and the press. The purpose of the actions is to educate themselves regarding the risks and damages of piracy and related actions.

The Forum also counts with the Toll Free 0800 771 FNCP (3627) so that public agents (fiscals, police, etc) may consult and reach proper information to combat piracy, tax evasion, counterfeiting and improper clearance. Population may also give their contribution through the Toll Free to report piracy.

In addition, FNCP supports the Parliamentary Front of Piracy Combat, presenting suggestions of laws and offering the Legislative Branch important information regarding the problems faced by its associates.

Fórum Nacional Contra a Pirataria e a Ilegalidade (FNCP)

Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 1690, conjunto 22, 2º andar Jardim Paulistano
São Paulo
CEP 01451-001
Tel: (11) 2533-3415 / 2528-1552
Email: secretaria@fncp.org.br
Website: www.forumcontrapirataria.org

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