GAC Portugal

GAC's Members:

  • INPI (Industrial Property Office)
  • DGAIEC (Customs)
  • ASAE (Food and Economic Safety Authority)
  • PSP (Civil Police for urban areas)
  • GNR (Civil Police for countryside areas)
  • PJ (Judiciary Police)

Anti-Counterfeiting Group (GAC)

Mission of GAC:

  • The Anti-Counterfeiting Group responsible for developing joint actions for the prevention and repression of counterfeiting, in compliance with the organizational skills the various entities that constitute it.
  • The actions to be undertaken under this group mainly cover the following areas:
  1. Content Management for an Internet portal, including the development of an electronic complaint system for counterfeiting offences;Conducting prevention activities and awareness campaigns for the public on the risks of counterfeiting; and informing the public about the systems available to the protection and enforcement of industrial property rights;
  2. Exchange and sharing of information, preferably electronically, relating, in particular, the statistical data on seizures and applications for Customs intervention, among other matters;
  3. Harmonization of statistics from the various entities within the group, using the classification of the European Customs Committee;
  4. Training of human resources by sharing experiences, discussion and reflection on issues of common interest;
  5. Identification of innovative experiences and good practices in combating counterfeiting;
  6. Cooperation with the private sector in combating counterfeiting;
  7. Provide inputs to the improvement of the law on the prevention and repression of infringements of industrial property rights.
  • The Anti-Counterfeiting Group is also responsible to cooperate with the European Observatory on Counterfeiting and Piracy, where it is represented by INPI.

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