International Trademark Association

INTA's Mission:

INTA was founded in 1878 by 17 merchants and manufacturers who saw a need for an organization “to protect and promote the rights of trademark owners, to secure useful legislation and to give aid and encouragement to all efforts for the advancement and observance of trademark rights.” After 129 years, INTA continues its mission to represent the trademark community, shape public policy and advance professional knowledge and development.

INTA believes strongly that nations must work together and exchange information and ideas that will eliminate the threat posed by cheap, fake goods that illegally play on the good name of legitimate trademarks. With this belief, INTA strongly advocates policies to advance protection against trademark counterfeiting and infringement. In doing so, INTA analyzes and comments on treaties, laws, regulations, procedures and other enforcement mechanisms with respect to anti-counterfeiting; engages and works with other anti-counterfeiting associations and coalitions at all levels, and with governmental officials all over the world dealing with anti-counterfeiting issues; and educates through government roundtables, forums and publications on anti-counterfeiting.

In 2006, INTA won the eighth annual Global Anti-Counterfeiting Award, sponsored by the Global Anti-Counterfeiting Group (GACG) Network, for the work INTA has done to significantly raise the level of its activities both internally in the form of the Anti-Counterfeiting and Enforcement Committee and, most importantly, externally using its global influence and contacts to energize co-operation on intellectual property rights enforcement. Notable among its recent achievements are participation and leadership for the Global Congress on Combating Counterfeiting and Piracy and the various Regional Forums; support and resource to the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development study on the economic impact of counterfeiting; input and initiatives on several consultations for new legislation; and organization and participation in various awareness-raising events.

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