National IP Organization India

NIPO's Mission:

NIPO’s mission is to work as a specialized forum for the development, promotion, and protection of intellectual property in order to provide a comprehensive single window reference system on all IPR related aspects, both nationally and globally. The people behind NIPO include eminent legal experts, scientists, authors, academicians, technocrats and senior civil servants. NIPO is a not-for-profit organization registered under the Societies Act.


  • Catalyzes awareness about the rights of intellectual property (IP) owners and regulates through by-laws or otherwise the professional practice, etiquette, conduct and discipline of the Members, arranges social activities for Members of the Organization and promotes knowledge of intellectual and industrial property law by lectures, discussions, books, correspondences, pamphlets, dissemination of information or otherwise.
  • Promotes development of infrastructural facilities for registration of intellectual property by facilitating the improvement of legal, institutional and administrative framework.
  • Aids, assists and facilitates owners of intellectual property and fosters ties of mutual friendship and understanding among those who are practicing in the field of intellectual and industrial property law and through such ties promotes the protection and development of intellectual and industrial property in India. Provides customized corporate services such as legal consultancy in intellectual property rights (IPR) and in related areas such as anti-dumping, anti-competition, IP audits and anti-trust laws and respond to questions affecting intellectual and industrial property law / the interest of the Association.
  • Carries out Research and Development activities for development and protection of IPR’s. Encourages innovation of IPR’s by interacting and keeping pace with developments outside the country and engages in activities in conjunction with other bodies or associations within the limits of the Association's objects. Arranges reciprocal concessions and co-operation with other such bodies and associations.
  • NIPO helps governments establish new international rules in the areas of IP protection and assists in implementing the rules and enforcement of laws pertaining to Intellectual Property.
  • Gathers, consolidates and disseminates commercial intelligence and assists in developing markets by ensuring reduction in transaction costs to facilitate trading in IPR’s.
  • Conducts training and capacity building activities for corporate and government personnel and seeks affiliation with Regional or International bodies with objects similar to the objects of the Association and participates in the activities of such Regional or International bodies keeping in view the fact that personal empowerment and convergence plays a crucial role in IPR issues.

National Intellectual Property Organization (NIPO)

No.1 Punchkuian Road
New Delhi
110 055
Fax: +91 23611906

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