Swedish Anti-Counterfeiting Group

The Swedish Anti-Counterfeiting Group (SACG) is the all-embracing non-sector specific association in Sweden fighting counterfeiting.

SACG's Mission:

SACG was founded in 1996 and participated in the formation of GACG the same year. The members mainly consist of representatives of the Swedish industry, importers and distributors, as well as of Swedish attorneys specialized in intellectual property rights. The board members represent business, attorneys, lawyers and IPR academia.

The most important aim of SACG is to promote a better awareness of the detrimental aspects of counterfeiting. SACG strive for a stronger enforcement of the anti-counterfeiting laws. Through seminars and out-reach activities SACG informs its members and the public of the current trends in counterfeiting and changes in EU and national legislation in the field. SACG encourage a more proactive role of the legislator and a better training of customs officers and prosecutors in the field of IPR infringements.

The board of SACG is actively pursuing the interests of their members. The board is closely following statistics on customs seizures and is engaged in a continuous dialogue with the Swedish Customs at the highest level. SACG, through its chairperson, is regularly appearing in newspapers and broadcasts, whenever counterfeit is discussed.