US Chamber of Commerce

US Chamber's Mission:

We have implemented a two part strategy of education and increased detection and enforcement efforts. Our primary objectives are:

  • Measure and ultimately reduce the global economic impact of counterfeiting and piracy.
  • Reframe the debate about counterfeiting and piracy by educating businesses, lawmakers, law enforcement officials, and consumers here and abroad on the growing economic impact and public health, safety and national security threats.
  • Build coalitions to unite industry to collectively work towards global solutions.
  • Set the global standard in the U.S. for intellectual property protection by toughening existing laws at the federal and state level, disrupting the flow of illegal goods into the legitimate supply chain with sophisticated detection efforts and law enforcement efforts and aggressively prosecuting intellectual property theft.
  • Train government officials, law enforcement, judges, and prosecutors in our targeted countries to give them the tools necessary to arrest and prosecute counterfeiters and pirates.

U.S. Chamber of Commerce

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