World Customs Organization

WCO's Mission:

To fulfill this mission, the WCO:

  • Establishes, maintains, supports and promotes international instruments forthe harmonization and uniform application of simplified and effective Customs systems and procedures governing the movement of commodities, people and conveyances across customs frontiers;
  • Reinforces Members’ efforts to secure compliance with their legislation, by endeavouring to maximize the level of effectiveness of Members’ co-operation with each other and with international organizations agencies in order to combat Customs and other transnational offences;
  • Assists Members in their efforts to meet the challenges of the modern business environment and adapt to changing circumstances, by promoting communication and co-operation among Members and with other international organizations, and by fostering integrity, human resource development, transparency, improvements in the management and workingmethods of Customs administrations and the sharing of best practices.

World Customs Organization (WCO)

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