Economic Impacts

BASCAP's reports aim to provide better information on the economic scope, scale, costs and impacts of counterfeiting and piracy. This is critical to demonstrate the value of intellectual property rights to the economy and society more generally.

Government leaders and influencers with better information on the value of Intellectual Property (IP) and a better understanding of how counterfeiting and piracy undermine IP, innovation, economic growth and employment are better able to prioritize public policy measures to protect IP and to work against the harms of counterfeiting and piracy.

For this reason, BASCAP has commissioned a number of expert groups to examine the issue and to develop methodologies for estimating the economic and social impacts. No one report or approach will yield a complete diagnosis or provide all the answers, but BASCAP is committed to learning from as many sources of expertise as possible.

BASCAP reports on economic impacts

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