BASCAP research

Counterfeiting, piracy and lax intellectual property rights ultimately have negative consequences for all stakeholders. BASCAP research, reports and advocacy work aim to highlight these consequences and encourage changes in consumer behavior.

Economic impacts

BASCAP has commissioned a number of expert groups to examine how IP theft undermines innovation, economic growth and employment and to develop methodologies for estimating the economic impacts of counterfeiting and piracy.

Consumer perceptions

Consumer perceptions are examined in the "Research Report on Consumer Attitudes and Perceptions on Counterfeiting and Piracy". The report looks at factors that drive consumers to choose a counterfeit or pirated product and reveals tactics that can help change attitudes and behaviours in ways that deter illegal and unsafe purchases.

Business perceptions

Business perceptions are examined in BASCAP's "Global Survey on Counterfeiting and Piracy". Polling 48 companies in 27 product categories, the report findings provide a snapshot of country and business efforts to stop the theft of intellectual property.

Why enforce?

The "Why Enforce?" portal contains background information and reports on the real harms associated with counterfeiting and piracy. Topics include the role of IP in employment, tax base, technology transfer, development and crime.

I buy real

"I Buy Real" is the BASCAP global awareness campaign that puts consumers in control by generating awareness and understanding of the real health and safety threats imposed by counterfeit goods.