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East Africa's ability to cope with the proliferation of illicit products has become increasingly important to BASCAP members. Kenya is regarded as an ideal model for legislation, interagency and international cooperation not only in the East African region but for Africa as a whole.

Enforcement of IP in Kenya

IP Goals

Since 2010 BASCAP has actively participated in two intergovernmental conferences led by the United States and will continue to partner with them as well as Kenyan agencies to:

  • Promote the importance of IP for the domestic economy, business and society.
  • Describe the negative effects of counterfeiting and piracy on these important societal goals (particularly with respect to specific local companies).
  • Train local businesses and other organisations on how to manage their own and others’ IP more effectively, including how to avoid the risks of counterfeiting and piracy.
  • Provide pro-IP messaging ‘air cover’ that will be helpful as various IP lobbying, legislative, regulatory and other initiatives arise.
  • Provide positive recommendations for helpful government initiatives protecting intellectual property.
  • Secure positive domestic and international PR for events and key messages.

Government leaders and influencers with better information on the value of Intellectual Property (IP) and a better understanding of how counterfeiting and piracy undermine IP, innovation, economic growth and employment are better able to prioritize public policy measures to protect IP and to work against the harms of counterfeiting and piracy.

Press releases

Promoting and protecting intellectual property in Kenya

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Enforcement of IP Rights in Kenya Workshop

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