Maximizing the value of intellectual property in Turkey

BASCAP's high-level conference on "Maximizing the Value of Intellectual Property in Turkey" featured two new ICC/BASCAP reports on the impacts of IP theft in the Turkish economy and guidelines to improve Turkey's IP enforcements regime respectively. A follow-up working group took place to implement BASCAP's recommendations.

Maximizing the Value of Intellectual Property conference

On 29 September 29 2011, BASCAP, ICC Turkey and the Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey (TEPAV) co-hosted a conference on "Maximizing the Value of Intellectual Property". This high level, one day conference brought together senior Turkish government officials and business leaders, international IP and anti-counterfeiting experts, and senior executives from the international business community to share global best practices and explore opportunities for growing and protecting Turkey’s Intellectual Property systems.

The conference introduced two new ICC/BASCAP reports: an economic report on the impacts of IP theft on the Turkish economy and a white paper on policy recommendations designed to highlight areas that could improve Turkey’s IP enforcement regime.

Key speakers

Key speakers at the event included: Rifat Hisarcıklıoğlu, President, ICC Turkey; Jeffrey P. Hardy, Director, ICC BASCAP; David Benjamin, Senior Vice President, Universal Music and co-chair of BASCAP Steering Committee; Saffet Karpat, CEEMEA Region Vice President and Turkey Director of the Board, Procter & Gamble; Francis J. Ricciardone, U.S Ambassador to Turkey; Hayati Yazici, Minister of Customs and Trade.

Follow-up to Maximizing the Value of Intellectual Property

Turkey - March 2012

On 6 March 6 2012, BASCAP and ICC Turkey co-organized, in Ankara, a follow-up meeting to the 29 September 2011 conference hosted by BASCAP, ICC Turkey and the Economic Policy Research Foundation of Turkey (TEPAV), Maximizing the Value of Intellectual Property in Turkey. The aim of the meeting was to bring together Turkish government officials and key players in Turkey’s IP and business communities with the ultimate goal of forming a working group committed to promoting and improving Turkey’s IP protection and enforcement regime.

BASCAPs recommendations, presented during the September conference, constitute an important element to create a roadmap forward. The meeting generated good momentum amongst the participants to move ahead with the establishment of a joint work plan designed to tackle certain remaining IP challenges in Turkey and join work in the "Fakes Cost More/IBusy Real" campaign.

Key follow-up speakers

Key speakers at the follow-up event included: Pelin Mavili, Executive Director, ICC Turkish National Committee; Jeffrey Hardy, Director, ICC BASCAP; Professor Dr Arzu Oğuz, Working Group Coordinator, Ankara University Research Center on Intellectual and Industrial Property Rights; Kaan Dericioğlu, Ankara Patent Bureau; Laird D. Treiber, Economic Counselor, US Embassy.


BASCAP's country initiative in Turkey

The 6 March 2012 conference produced several short-term actions decisions agreed upon by the ICC Turkey's Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Commission.

  1. The IP Road Map will be translated into Turkish and an editing committee will be formed among commission members to align the text with the related jargon.
  2. A launch event will be organized for the Turkish version of IP Road Map.
  3. To identify the activities held by the private sector representatives and the best practices, all company representatives will prepare short presentations on their activities.
  4. The Ministry of National Education, Higher Education Board, Ministry of Finance, and other related sectoral organizations will be invited to the next meeting of the commission.
  5. Representation of Turkish SMEs in the commission will be facilitated.
  6. The areas of expertise as well as the expectations of the private sector will be identified to facilitate formation of sub-groups.
  7. The possibility of organizing mediation training under the roof of TOBB-ICC Turkey will be investigated.

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