International engagement and advocacy

BASCAP’s policy agenda presses for government action and resources to strengthen intellectual property rights enforcement. We seek significantly higher benchmarks for government performance against counterfeiting and piracy at the national, regional, multi-lateral and international level. 

Policy initiatives

BASCAP serves as a leading voice for business in pressing for stronger IP enforcement on a global scale in several policy areas:

BASCAP 25 Best Practices for IPR Enforcement - raising the bar in the fight against counterfeiting and piracy

Intermediaries - Discussing the steps that intermediaries can take to help eliminate global supply chain vulnerabilities that allow infiltration of counterfeit and pirated products

Free Trade Zones - Realizing the role of FTZs in the international trafficking of counterfeit goods

Proceeds of Crime - Revealing the value of POC legislation as a modern tool for fighting organized IP crime

Criminal Sanctions in Europe - Supporting measures to reduce counterfeits in the EU

Goods in Transit - Submitting views on regulation

Plain Packaging - Addressing the dangers of legislative regulation

European Observatory - Working closely with the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), formerly known as OHIM

Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement - Promoting ACTA

Country and regional initiatives

BASCAP's work at the country and regional levels include detailed recommendations for policy and legislative changes needed to bring national IP regimes and IP enforcement efforts up to international standards. BASCAP recommendations create momentumat the ground level and provide a blue-print for local business and government officials to work together against counterfeiting and piracy.

Messages to G8 and G20 governments

BASCAP continues to call on G8 and G20 leaders on the importance of making IP a priority, in advance of their annual Summits. This intervention has resulted in official statements on the importance of protecting IP and BASCAP continues to press for action on these declarations.

IP Events

BASCAP's participation in IP events expands on its international engagement and advocacy mission. Event themes range from anti-counterfeiting and anti-piracy events to protection and promotion of intellectual property rights.

ICC/WIPO handbook

"Making intellectual property work for business" is a practical guide to chambers of commerce and business associations looking to offer intellectual property (IP) services for businesses. Jointly published by ICC and WIPO, this handbook gives helpful advice on how to set up different types of IP services.