IGF 2010: Vilnius, Lithuania

5th Internet Governance Forum (IGF) - Vilnius, Lithuania 14 - 17 September 2010

Internet Governance Forum 2010 Vilnius

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Why BASIS is active at the IGF:

BASIS brings business experience, expertise and priorities from across sectors and geographies to the important discussions on Internet governance issues, and communicates with other stakeholders including government, civil society, technical experts, and international organizations.

Open Forum on ICC’s policy and practice work on Data Protection and Privacy

11:30-13:30, September 15, Room 6

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This open forum profiled ICC policy initiatives and practice tools that help users, governments, and business address data protection and privacy issues, with a particular focus on the work of the ICC Task Force on Privacy and the Protection of Personal Data. ICC develops essential tools, such as model contract clauses for trans-border data flows, and a privacy toolkit. ICC’s policy and practice work also includes related security issues such as RFID and information compliance.

ICC and its Task Force used the opportunity of this Open Forum at the 2010 IGF in Lithuania to focus on how global business contributes to policymaking and best practices on these issues, and to highlight ICC’s engagement in key intergovernmental and multistakeholder forums on a range of Internet governance issues.

The discussion focused on:

Enhancing human and institutional capacity building;
Fostering international exchange of experience, information and knowledge sharing of benefit to stakeholders in developing and developed countries.

ICC profiled its continuous work to raise awareness about data protection and privacy and highlight its lead contributions to the international community to understand today’s global issues and challenges, cross-regional differences, and strategies.

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Workshop on Internet governance: implications of Cloud Computing

11:30-13:30, September 16, Room 1

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Distinguishing hype from the reality, this workshop helped to define cloud computing, examined its relationship with Internet governance and explored what implications it may have on policy issues in the future.

With particular focus on developing countries, an interactive discussion highlighted the many benefits of cloud computing and the challenges to its adoption. Policy issues addressed included; ensuring access to the cloud, privacy and information security in the cloud, jurisdiction and applicable law.

This workshop focused on:

  • What is cloud computing: distinguishing the hype from the reality
  • What is the relationship between cloud computing and Internet governance, what policy issues may create implications for the future?
  • What kind of human and institutional capacity building can help policymakers, regulators, business and users develop appropriate policy approaches?

This workshop was co-organized by ICC/BASIS and the Government of Kenya

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Booth in IGF village

BASIS reserved a booth to display our brochures and materials. BASIS members were welcome to bring their materials to display at this booth as well.

During the IGF, participants were welcome to come by the ICC-BASIS booth in the village for more information, or if you would like to be in touch with ICC-BASIS staff or members.

Many business experts from the ICC-BASIS network participated in main panel discussions, workshops and other events during the IGF. In addition, business participants were active in the open dialogues, and available for informal discussions with other participants.

Helpful links

The official website for the IGF contains valuable information such as the programme, the preparatory process and a helpful list of FAQ's.