IGF 2011: Nairobi, Kenya

The sixth IGF meeting was held in Nairobi, Kenya, 27 - 30 September 2011.

Why is BASIS active at the IGF?

BASIS brings business experience, expertise and priorities from across sectors and geographies to important discussions on Internet governance issues. BASIS profiles ICC positions and products and communicates with other stakeholders including government, civil society, technical experts and international organizations.

ICC BASIS IGF 2011 Report

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How did BASIS participate in the 6th IGF 2011?

Workshop: Mobile and cloud services for development

Organisers: ICC BASIS & The Government of Kenya
29 September 9 - 10:30, Workshop Room 5

Workshop report - click here

Workshop description

The workshop focused on:

1. Policy/legal frameworks that will enable mobile and cloud services for development, such as cross-border data flows and not applying legacy regulation for new online services;

2. Future of mobile and cloud services, including application-centric platforms and opportunities for youth in developing countries; and

3. Development perspectives on how mobile and cloud services provide an economic development opportunity and can be used for socially beneficial purposes.

Workshop: Improving the IGF: how can we get the most out of IGF improvements processes?

Organisers: ICC BASIS, The Internet Society, Netnod, ICANN, National Information Technology Agency (NITA), Ghana
28 September 9 - 10:30, Workshop Room 9

Workshop Report - click here
Workshop description

This workshop :
- Looked at the responses to the CSTD Working Group Questionnaire and the range of ideas from across stakeholder groups.
- Examined some example improvements the IGF self-improvement process has introduced, and other potential improvements the CSTD WG could identify in the future.
- Discussed the best processes that can be used in the future to identify and implement improvements to the IGF. Remote participation was an integral part of this workshop, including real-time transcription and remote participation support.

Daily business briefings

8:00-8:50 every day 27-30 September

A business briefing was held each morning during the forum from 8:00 - 8:50. These briefings were open to all business participants, including non-ICC BASIS members.

Details regarding the morning briefings were sent via email before the event to those members who have confirmed their participation and were made available on the screens that displayed scheduling information on-site at the IGF Village.

BASIS brought business experience, expertise and priorities from across sectors and geographies to the important discussions on Internet governance issues, and communicated with other stakeholders including government, civil society, technical experts, and international organizations.

Booth in IGF village

BASIS reserved a booth to display our brochures and materials. BASIS members were welcome to bring their materials to display at this booth as well.

During the IGF, participants were welcome to come by the ICC-BASIS booth in the village for more information or if they wanted to be in touch with ICC-BASIS staff or members.

Many business experts from the ICC-BASIS network participated in main panel discussions, workshops and other events during the IGF. In addition, business participants were active in the open dialogues, and available for informal discussions with other participants.

BASIS member company events:

Association for Competitive Technology (ACT) sponsored Rountable for SMEs from around the world
Innovator Roundtable: An Intergenerational Dialog with Internet Entrepreneurs