IGF 2012: Baku, Azerbaijan

‘Internet Governance for Sustainable Human, Economic and Social Development’

When: 6-9 November 2012

Where: Baku Expo Centre, Baku, Azerbaijan

Daily Business Briefings

[Open to all business participants at the IGF]

Each morning during the IGF, ICC BASIS organized a business briefing from 8.00-8.45 at the venue [Room E]. These briefings were open to BASIS members, as well as all business participants at the IGF. It was an excellent opportunity to discuss the events and issues, and to network with other business representatives.

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Pre-event on enhanced cooperation

In collaboration with the Association for Progressive Communications (APC), the Internet Society (ISOC) and with the support of the governments of Brazil, Egypt and Kenya, ICC BASIS is pleased to announce a IGF pre-event on enhanced cooperation.

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BASIS workshops at the 7th IGF 2012

Come join the interactive discussions at our workshops!

Solutions for enabling cross-border data flows (no.86)

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Wednesday 7 November 2012, 14:30-16:00, Conference Room 6

Workshop Theme: Access and Diversity

Theme Question: Security, Privacy and Openness; Access and Diversity

The workshop explored policy issues, from various stakeholder perspectives, such as:

  • How to enable data flows in and across different legal environments
  • The balance between privacy and free flow of data
  • The exercise of human rights across borders, including freedom of expression and opinion
  • Interoperability, portability and security
  • Data retention and access to data
  • Surveillance and opportunistic observation
  • Business strategies (such as advertising and anonymity; etc)

Background Paper: Background paper 28 06 22.doc


Technology, Economic and Societal Opportunities and Women (no.91)

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Tuesday 6 November 16:30-18:00, Conference Room 4

Workshop Theme: Access and Diversity

Theme Question: Access and Diversity: empowerment of women and Internet governance.

This interactive workshop explored three dimensions from the perspective of a range of stakeholders as well as the particular development opportunities:

  • Women and economic empowerment: For example, issues around micro-lending; online services and businesses; job sharing and ease of commuting.
  • Enhancing (or strengthening) women's rights through access to information and the Internet, including use of technology to address issues of abuse or technology related violence.
  • Policy and regulatory conditions that stimulate access to the Internet and information. For example, encouraging ease and cost effective use of technology/the Internet across schools and health facilities.

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A draft programme outline and meeting schedule for the Baku Meeting are available on the IGF website:

Programme paper

Meeting schedule