ICC recommendations to WTO members on trade facilitation

    Prepared by the ICC commission on : Commission on Customs and Trade Facilitation
    Publication date : 06/06/2001 | Document Number : 103-32/91
    • Global trade today
    • WTO rules on trade facilitation and customs modernization benefits customs and trade
    • WTO rules are necessary for consistent reform
    • Assistance for developing countries
    • Binding rules to simplify global trade today

    The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) has a long history of promoting the benefits of trade facilitation - often referred to as the simplification and harmonization of international trade procedures and customs modernization - on behalf of the global business community. ICC has brought this issue to the attention of governments with its International Customs Guidelines and was a strong sup porter of including customs facilitation on the agenda of the World Trade Organization (WTO) at the 1996 WTO Singapore Ministerial Conference. ICC is encouraged by the progress made to date by the WTO on trade facilitation. To continue the work accomplished so far and address the realities of global trade today, ICC recommends that the WTO focus on the key objectives outlined in this statement and adopt binding multilateral rules on trade facilitation.