ICC recommendations for trade facilitation through effective customs duty relief programmes

    Prepared by the ICC commission on : Commission on Customs and Trade Facilitation
    Publication date : 09/06/2004 | Document Number : 104-29

    ICC is actively addressing a wide range of international issues with the aim of improving processes associated with cross border trade. ICC believes that effective and accessible customs duty relief mechanisms are essential to the smooth operation of international trade.

    Effective duty relief mechanisms are fundamental to international trade in goods on a global basis. All count ries will benefit from them -- especially those burdened with the least efficient trading processes, either through infrastructure or managerial limitations. ICC is committed to assisting governments to realize the full benefits of international trade through effective trade facilitation measures that discourage both inefficient and artificially complex or burdensome border procedures. To realize these benefits for all parties, the concept of the unitary relief should be recognized as a global best practice.