ICC-BASIS reflections on Rio-Internet Governance Forum

    Prepared by the ICC commission on : Commission on the Digital Economy
    Publication date : 28/01/2008
    This contribution provides feedback from the global business community of the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC), and its initiative, Business Action to Support the Information Society (BASIS) on the second Internet Governance Forum (IGF) in Rio de Janeiro [12-15 November 2007] in response to the IGF secretariat’s call for input. ICC and BASIS include members from companies and business associations from around the world, across sectors and of all sizes.

    General comments

    ICC/BASIS members believe that the second IGF successfully built upon the IGF in
    Athens 2006 and provided an open and informative forum for discussion on Internet
    governance (IG) issues among all stakeholders. This feedback provides reactions to, and
    experiences of ICC/BASIS members at, the second IGF, and proposes innovations to
    improve the IGF format and to ensure that it continues to evolve as a productive space
    for discussion on these issues.
    It is essential that preparations for the next IGF in New Delhi, India (December 2008)
    continue the successful multi-stakeholder approach. We recognize the efforts of the
    Indian host country to try to identify dates, and a possible venue. Additional logistical
    and substantive arrangements for the IGF in New Delhi are beginning in earnest and
    continued progress is important, in particular prompt announcement of the final dates
    for the event. Sensitivity to the financial constraints of many stakeholders should be a
    high priority in terms of the logistics and arrangements negotiated for the IGF in India.
    The multistakeholder input in all aspects of the preparations for the next IGF in 2008 will
    be critical to its success.
    ICC/BASIS members strongly encourage prompt work on the speakers and programme
    for the main sessions and other events to begin in earnest in February, and a complete
    programme with speakers’ listed for all events to be finalized and posted by September