ICC BASIS contribution on IGF Multistakeholder Advisory Group (MAG) improvements consultation

    Prepared by the ICC commission on : Commission on the Digital Economy
    Publication date : 08/10/2010

    ICC BASIS views the IGF multistakeholder process as also captured in the MAG as an important part of the IGF’s structure and ability to ensure it evolves as a true multistakeholder forum.ICC BASIS is pleased to provide responses to the questions presented for discussion about improving the MAG processes.

    • Has the work of the MAG been consistent with the mandate set out in the Tunis Agenda and subsequent decisions?
    • How best to nominate non governmental members for the MAG?
    • How best to nominate the MAG Chair?
    • How best to organize open consultations?
    • How best to link with regional meetings?
    • How best to link with international processes and institutions?