ICC policy statement on Global business recommendations and best practices for lawful intercept requirements

    Prepared by the ICC commission on : Commission on the Digital Economy
    Publication date : 01/06/2010 | Document Number : 373-492


    • Preserving law enforcement capabilities in an Internet Protocol (IP)-enabled world
    • Ensuring that law enforcement needs are consistent with other important legal obligations related to information security, human rights and privacy as well as the goals of promoting innovation, competition, economic development and international trade
    • Practical recommendations for achieving consistency

    ICC’s recommendations involve:

    • dialogue between governments and CSPs to define clear and transparent LI requirements that align proportionately obligations and benefits specific to individual CSPs;
    • efficient LI implementation through regulatory consistency, adoption of existing international technical standards, and centralized, multi-country LI solutions;
    • public funding of LI capability costs; and
    • LI law and regulation that is clear, transparent and judiciously implemented.