ICC Internet and Telecom TF discussion paper on Internet Backbone Interconnection Agreements

    Prepared by the ICC commission on : Commission on the Digital Economy
    Publication date : 27/07/2011 | Document Number : 373/499

    In the more than fifteen years since the commercialization of the Internet backbone, unprecedented innovation and investment has resulted in a huge increase in global Internet availability and usage.

    During this period, a wide variety of commercially negotiated Internet backbone interconnection arrangements connecting national and international Internet backbone providers, content providers and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) have fuelled and sustained the massive growth of the Internet into a global network of interconnected networks.

    These Internet backbone interconnection arrangements have evolved dynamically in response to increases in global demand and the shift towards content requiring higher bandwidth, without being subject to burdensome economic or social regulation. Despite the huge success of this commercial model, there have been various proposals to regulate the terms of international Internet backbone interconnection agreements, based on claims that regulation may promote further investment.


    • Overview of Internet backbone interconnection agreements;
    • Recent trends;
    • Paid peering, settlement-free peering, and transit;
    • ICC priorities.