ICC supports expansion of product coverage under the WTO Information Technology Agreement

    Prepared by the ICC commission on : Commission on Trade and Investment Policy
    Publication date : 09/12/2011 | Document Number : 103/308

    Technological advances do not cause IT products to become “new” products outside of the scope of the ITA.
    Recommends that all information and communication technology products enjoy duty-free treatment according to the broadest possible definition.
    Urges ITA signatories to accelerate talks on the expansion of the ITA’s product coverage.

    The adoption of the Information Technology Agreement (ITA) by the World Trade Organization (WTO) in December 1996 was a major milestone in liberalizing trade in this vital sector for the global economy. The ITA’s objective was to realize an expansion of the world trade in information technology products by eliminating customs duties on these products by January 2000.The ITA currently has 47 signatories, representing 73 states and regions, and covers approximately 97% (according to the WTO) of world trade in information technology products.