ICC Ten conditions for a transition towards a Green Economy (2012)

    Prepared by the ICC commission on : Commission on Environment and Energy
    Publication date : 09/07/2012 | Document Number : 213-18/7

    The private sector has already taken concrete actions towards a "green economy", including reducing environmental impacts across value chains, increasing energy and resource efficiency, investing in low-carbon and renewable energy and reducing waste.


    To provide guidance for governments on key lessons learned, ICC undertook extensive analysis and consultation to determine what is required to further a transition towards a "green economy", including the development of the following ten high-level conditions towards a "green economy":

    - Open and competitive markets
    - Metrics, accounting, and reporting
    - Finance and investment
    - Awareness
    - Life cycle approach
    - Resource efficiency and decoupling
    - Employment
    - Education and skills
    - Governance and partnership
    - Integrated policy and decision-making